Sunday, March 11, 2007

Anon no longer

One of the reasons it has taken me three months from my first post until now, is that I don't understand any of the technical stuff about this blogging business. I can barely send an email. I don't even understand how to find this blog on the Web - which is why I'm sure, no-one has visited the site. However, at some point, someone will help me out. With the three month break, I have realized that the 'Anon' thing is a cop-out - so....... my name is Father Benedict Kiely, age 43, ordained 12 years. I am the Parish Priest ( I still prefer that English term, rather than the US 'Pastor', which sounds a bit too Baptist for me) of a little country parish in the far North-East of Vermont, right by the Canadian border, our own little corner of Siberia (temperature last Thursday, 7.00am.... -20F!). I am the Director of Continuing Education for the Clergy of the Diocese of Burlington, the Burlington Police Dept. Chaplain and a columnist for the Diocesean Newspaper, the Vermont Catholic Tribune. I used to write a weekly column "Stateside" for the Catholic Times. This blog will probably be one of the least technical on the Web - if I can't even find it, how am I going to put pictures etc on it?
Why do it? It seems like fun - and the orthodox blogs seem to be forming a interesting community. At some stage, I will include my bi-weekly column from the paper, for the delight and delectation of my non-existent readers.