Sunday, March 11, 2007

Anon no longer

One of the reasons it has taken me three months from my first post until now, is that I don't understand any of the technical stuff about this blogging business. I can barely send an email. I don't even understand how to find this blog on the Web - which is why I'm sure, no-one has visited the site. However, at some point, someone will help me out. With the three month break, I have realized that the 'Anon' thing is a cop-out - so....... my name is Father Benedict Kiely, age 43, ordained 12 years. I am the Parish Priest ( I still prefer that English term, rather than the US 'Pastor', which sounds a bit too Baptist for me) of a little country parish in the far North-East of Vermont, right by the Canadian border, our own little corner of Siberia (temperature last Thursday, 7.00am.... -20F!). I am the Director of Continuing Education for the Clergy of the Diocese of Burlington, the Burlington Police Dept. Chaplain and a columnist for the Diocesean Newspaper, the Vermont Catholic Tribune. I used to write a weekly column "Stateside" for the Catholic Times. This blog will probably be one of the least technical on the Web - if I can't even find it, how am I going to put pictures etc on it?
Why do it? It seems like fun - and the orthodox blogs seem to be forming a interesting community. At some stage, I will include my bi-weekly column from the paper, for the delight and delectation of my non-existent readers.


Mac McLernon said...

Well, Fr BB, you have at least one reader... now you have to post something to make sure that I come back! Welcome to the Blogosphere!

Esther said...

Uh, well thanks to Mac, you now have two readers Father. E Komo Mai (Welcome)

LeeAnn Balbirona said...

Hey, we're listening, Father! Welcome to the world of blogs. If you want to find your blog on the world wide web you type www dot owloftheremove dot blogspot dot com. I'm looking forward to the post that explains your blog title. I came here via Mulier Fortis.

Negative twenty? Really??

Ma Beck said...

Found you through Mac McLernon.

Jeffrey Smith said...

If you have trouble figuring out how to do something, e-mail me and I'll guide you through it. If I figured it out ( my family skipped the 20th century and was a bit leery of the 19th ) anyone can.

Brad Harvey said...

Hello Father! Welcome.
Mac has been doing her part to make sure you are a famous blogger some day.
I`m fairly new to this business also, but I`m muddling through.

Ttony said...

Welcome! If your postal order ever arrives, you could spend it on IT classes instead of tuck!

Mac McLernon said...

actually Leeann (and Father) for a blog, there is no "www." just

greatgable said...

Well I found it all the way from a tiny parish in the Lune Valley.

Welcome to the world of blogging

fr paul harrison

Londiniensis said...

Well Hello!

Thanks to the Strong Woman, you now have yet another reader!

By the way, whatever happened to the framed picture and did Monsignor Ronald Knox ever get his font?

An Anglican curate in want
Of a second-hand portable font
Will exchange for the same
A photo (with frame)
Of the Bishop-Elect of Vermont.

And (hat tip to Daniel Mitsui) did you knw that it was St Thomas Aquinas who invented the limerick?

Sit vitiorum meorum evacuatio
Concupiscentae et libidinis exterminatio,
Caritatis et patientiae,
Humilitatis et obedientiae,
Omniumque virtutum augmentatio.

Translation and full story here

Marita said...

Mac should be on commission - go ahead Fr.

Coffee Wife said...

Hello Father! Do you know the Benedictine Nuns of Solemes in Westfield?

I do hope you add your weekly column and also photos! I'm from New England - how I miss the scenery! I live in Scotland now on a farm - on the Orkney Islands where there are no trees!

If you want to see the blogs of people who post here then you click on their name and that will take you to their profile. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and you'll see the name of their blog. Click on that and viola! You can see other blogs! If you leave comments on blogs folks will see your name and come visit you!


God bless!!!
-Michelle Therese

the owl of the remove said...

Thanks to everyone - Michelle, the nuns provide the altar bread for my parish, but I have yet to visit them, I'm a little slow at getting around to things, even though I've been in Vermont for seven years. Jeffrey, I will certainly take you up on your offer, but, having looked at your blog many times, I find it hard to believe that you are some sort of computer Luddite. I really don't know anything about computers - I'm looking forward to the return of the quill pen.

Coffee Wife said...

Oh Father! If you do get to visit the nuns can you please say hello to Sister Mary Magdalena for me?? Tell her "Michelle from Alaska (who now lives in Scotland) sends her love!" I was very seriously discerning joining those wonderful nuns! Oh...and if you have time, do take some photos - that's a lovely monastery!! hehehehe