Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Neo-Libercons

Apologies to my team of three readers for the relative quiet: new parish (es), unpacking - yes, Karen, trying to get a photo of the Saturno - busy, busy, busy! I have to say that I have been very powerfully struck, after four weekends in a parish that has, on average, around 80% visitors at Mass, by the devout and respectful athmosphere at Mass. I suppose if you are at Mass on your vacation - you really "get it" - you want to be at Mass, you understand both the obligation and the joy! One other thing has struck me and that is the number of young people (that's people under 30!) who are receiving on the tongue - despite what the neo-libercons hope for, the "demographic tsunami' is already happening. What's a "neo-libercon?" They are rather like what they accuse conservatives of being - rigid, unwilling to change, terribly fearful of the direction the Holy Father is leading the Church - they want the Church to stay stuck in one period of time (around 1976) - and they will be furious about be described as "neo-libercons" - did I mention they usually don't have much of a sense of humour? Well, neo-libercons, read it and weep, for, from what I can see, as Pope Benedict has said, the Church is young - and the young Church is not carrying the baggage of the past - maybe some in Vermont need to see something of the bigger Church?


gemoftheocean said...

It's not a red hat is it?

Loved the photo on this post. I didn't know that you'd met some of my fellow parishioners!

Rod F. said...

Ummm, Father? There are 5 of us not 3 :)
"Neo-Libercons"? No thanks, I'll stick to libtards.
Neo-Libercons, while exhibiting your superior education just doesn't roll off the tongue, and likely will merely confuse those folks instead of causing them to examine their inaccurate belief system. As, I may add, does any reference to GIRM, norms or the actual words of the documents of VII.

Vivat Jesus

James H said...

Encouraging NEWS!!!