Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tavola di San Giuseppe

In preparation for our parish celebration of St. Joseph's Feast Day, during which we will revive the celebration of the 'Tavola di San Giuseppe' with an Italian potluck, after a Mass and blessing for our newly commissioned Icon of St. Joseph, I have been getting myself mentally and spiritually prepared by reading Waverley Root's 'The Food of Italy.' Tonight, two stunning discoveries: the tomato only began to be cultivated and used in Italian cooking in the 17th Century - and Yorkshire Pudding is the direct descendant of Pulmentum, an Etruscan staple, brought to York by the Roman Legions and the cousin of Polenta - which I hate. Our Icon is a true icon, written by the community of the Skete in Wisconsin, prepared in the traditional manner with gesso and egg tempera, the product of about eighty hours of prayer and painting. I am sure the presence of an Icon of St. Joseph, Guardian of the Church and Protector of Priests will be a great blessing for the Parish.

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