Saturday, March 28, 2009

"Who painted it?"

This really should be a candidate for a caption competition, but truth is stranger, or more ridiculous, than fiction. Our Secretary of State, on her visit to Mexico went to the Shrine of Guadalupe to see the 'Tilma' - "it's beautiful," she said, "who painted it?" Wonderfully, probably without a smile, the Rector of the Cathedral replied, "God." There is no record of Madame Clinton's response. Tonight she receives the highest award Planned Parenthood can give, the Margaret Sanger Award (you can't invent this stuff!). Why not the Joseph Mengle Award for medical experimentation, the Adolf Eichmann Award for racial purification? Margaret Sanger was a racist, proponent of eugenics - and Hilary accepts an award in her name. The smoke of Satan is curling around the portals of this regime and, as one of the senior priests in our diocese, a wonderful man still working in his mid-eighties, said to me this week: "there is going to be a terrible persecution very soon." Read some of Michael O'Brien's articles at Studiobrien - especially the latest one on Globalization - the man is a prophet.

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gemoftheocean said...

They have some pretty amazing paint-by-numbers sets now. :-D

What does Fr. mean by: /"We're GOING to have persecution."

These people ARE persecution. Let's"Get it on." Remember there's still a second amendment. At least by a 5-4 vote because Anthony Kennedy wasn't having a bad hair day when the Beck decision was decided and the obaminable hasn't gotten any supreme court picks to screw up the court for the next 20 years.