Thursday, October 15, 2009


Been a little slow on the blogging front over the last week. My Mother arrived a week ago to join the little parish celebration for my fifteenth anniversary. The actual date is November 12th, the Feast of St. Josephat, but I will be returning from a special anniversary/'Year for Priests' pilgrimage/retreat in Rome on that day. So we anticipated with a special Mass last Thursday and a parish 'do!' It was very nice and people were very kind. Parish life seems particularly busy at the moment, and the weather has been horrible - very cold (it snowed on Monday) and not ideal "leaf-peeping" for all the visitors who were in town. Last weekend was the high point of "leaf-peeping" and the 10.30am Mass was almost as full as at Christmas. My Mother had to go out and buy a new coat due to the cold, and the heating has had to be boosted far too early for my liking! After a miserable, wet Summer, we have now had a miserable Fall - the good news is that there are six months of Winter to look forward to - and six months of snow!


Fr Jay Scott Newman said...

This must be the global warming that Al Gore and sundry other Lefties are always prattling on about. Let's hope the earth doesn't get too much warmer, or you lot may freeze to death!

Happy Anniversary, Father. Ad multos gloriosque annos!

gemoftheocean said...

Oh, gee, I'm sorry your mom got a rotten deal with the weather - because now is nearly always time when the leaves are at their best.

But be gladdened that mother nature doesn't like to be told by AlGore that there is global warming caused by man. Think of the bad weather as her way of saying "oh, yeah?!"

But happy anniversary -- better say that now just to make sure I get it in before everything over there freezes solid, including your computer.

Victoria said...

What is "leaf-peeping" ?

the owl of the remove said...

Victoria! "Leaf-peeping" is what the people here in Vermont call the special time in the Fall when all the leaves on the trees are magnificently coloured - the place is full of tourists looking at the foliage, or "leaf-peeping!"

Victor S E Moubarak said...

Happy Anniversary Father. Many happy returns.

Here in the UK the leaves are beginning to turn a golden brown; but they haven't fallen yet.

God bless.

gemoftheocean said...

Father, you forgot to add a picture for Victoria.