Thursday, June 21, 2007


Like my friend Fr. Dwight, I've been far from the blogworld for a good few days, but it doesn't seem to matter, because I think I've returned to 'bloganimity' - my new word which indicates the distinct possibility that one has entered that strange state where you are talking to a mirror - and that's your only audience! I was never one for a diary, I could never keep it up - and I wasn't really interested in my thoughts, or recording my daily life. So..... the house is now completely empty, boxes, clothes etc., in the new place. Just my faithful computer, enough stuff to get me through the weekend and then I fly home (it's still home!) for two weeks. While cleaning out my desk I found something written in pencil on a piece of paper. When I'm reading, I often copy out a chunk of something good to put in my little book of quotes, but it's usually in quotation marks - and has the name of the author. This doesn't, so I'm assuming that I wrote it (that happens when you get close to forty-four)! If I didn't write it - apologies, but I thought it was spot-on, given a recent comment of a local Funeral Director (Undertaker for those who speak the Queen's English). He asked me how I'd be "doing the funeral, as all priests do things differently." I told him I would do it according to the Rite, as written in the book..... and then I read my little piece from wherever: The tragedy of contemporary Catholicism is that we really have become a Protestant Church. The personality and liturgical 'fancy' of the priest dominates the worship - a priest can spend several years building up the worship of a parish - good music, fine art, obedience to the rubrics and liturgical norms and then he is transferred. The new priest has 'different ways.' Some people are very happy, some very unhappy, some are bemused, most don't care. They know that "every Church has different rules." They don't - but that is contempoary Catholicism. - if I didn't write it, whoever did knows what's going on - at least here in this part of the Colonies.


Cate said...

You haven't quite yet achieved bloganimity. I come by every night to see if you've found the computer beneath the packing boxes. The note from the drawer is true about the wild west too. Sigh. But we carry on the best we can. May the good Lord fill your holiday home with many blessings!

White Stone Name Seeker said...

I visit often too.
Your comments about the effects on a parish are all too true. My own parish is in free fall because people were so angry that our old pp was moved and they doggedly refuse to acceot the 'new' one. he's been with us over 3 yrs now!
He's not perfect-of course he isn't!-but he does his best.

Ttony said...

Doing things by the book should be a praiseworthy mark, not a negative one.

Enjoy your hols! I hope your Mother ordered the PLF book.

canon1753 said...

Safe travels and enjoy being home.

"Doing a/the Mass/funeral/Liturgy" is such an "Americanism," or even a "Vermontism."

The other ways of saying this are "Saying Mass" or "Reading Mass."

The irony is that the only thing that will get anyone in trouble is "Doing" anything in Liturgy.
As people at prayer we aren't to "do" anything. We are to pray as we are instructed to. The only "Doing" is the saving action of the Holy Trinity.

I know priests who "do their best" to not get in the way of the Liturgy, and certainly not get in the way of the Lord's work.

jefflax said...

I guarantee to you that there are far more people reading this blog (and the Trib) than you know. I have haunted blogs for years drawing great strength and viewing many thought provoking discussions without posting nary a comment, until now.
Between this thread and the comment in the archives concerning your "dozens of readers" of your column in the trib I felt compelled to buck you up.
Analogous to your previous comment on one pastor sowing and another reaping, so to this blog may set in motion spiritual growth that you yourself may not see or hear, but it does happen!
Enjoy your vacation and I look forward to your next column. BTW, I'm one of "canon1753"'s people.

Mac McLernon said...

Heheheheh... well, it's a sure-fire way to get us all rushing to tell you that we love your blog!

the owl of the remove said...

Thank you, kind persons!

Karen said...

Gee Whizzers....go to your video rental store. I don't care if it IS almost July. Check out "IT's a Wonderful Life" when you get towards the end where the Angel is Reviewing George's life "what would the world be like if you'd never been born" [not to say that your in dire straights...just feeling a bit melancholy about "futility"] play that section again and again. "If you hadn't been there to save Harry, he wouldn't have been able to save all those guys on the troopship...etc." Most time we go through life having no idea the impact we've made on others.

May as well rent "The 7 Little Foys" too. Bob Hope as vaudevillian dad gets a great compliment from the kids (who didn't seem overjoyed with dad taken them on the road) who tell the judge "Whaddya think? We're going to go around telling the old man he's a swell guy everyday? He'd pound us. We're Foys!"

Karen -- San Diego