Friday, June 1, 2007

Light Posting

Posting is a little light at the moment - and even a little 'lite' - due to extreme funk over packing, etc... I started to take pictures off the wall today, after one of my priestly friends told me last night, "you had better start, it's the 1st of June and you only have 20 days before you go to England!" If you are feeling in a funk, it's a very bad idea to read anything about the state of the Church/Liturgy - well, my Mother always sends her copy of the English 'Latin Mass Society' magazine when she's done. Funk deepens....! Luckily, I have the Anglo-Irish ability to laugh when your leg gets blown off in the trenches. Tomorrow I give the invocation at the 51st Annual 'Dairy Days Parade' here in Little Siberia. It's a wonderful example of small town America - a parade of tractors, cows, fire trucks, kid's marching bands - all to celebrate the dairy farming industry. I gave the invocation in 2003, my first year here - and now in 2007, my last.

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MMajor Fan said...

Love the picture! Back in my hometown area there's a Holstein herd, with a young bull who even allowed me to pet him on the head, especially if I bribed him with willow branches that he could not reach. Miss the farm, here on the bayou :-(