Sunday, September 2, 2007

He Da Man!

With only ten minutes for my connecting flight from Newark airport to Burlington, I needed a miracle to get my bag on board. Luckily, I had placed a holy card of St. Anthony in the bag and said the special prayer, asking for a miracle. I promised him that I would let everyone know if he did his work: he did - He da man!!


gemoftheocean said...

Let me guess: you had a hard time returning the rental car - because although you could SEE the rental car place from the highway - the New Jersey highways and byways are so weirdly laid out you couldn't GET to it...

[Speaking from one who "knows." In my case, I 20 minutes before the flight, I simply THREW my bags at the porter with some moola for a tip, and a prayer for Tony to "do his thing" - I crossed my fingers, and drove around once again - figured out the way to the rental place, grabbed the shuttle JUST as it was leaving for the airport - I RAN through the airport (a la those old OJ Simpson commercials in the late 60s -- and literally made it to the door JUST as they were about to close it.] You're not kidding Tony Da MAN!!! Especially in Newark!

Ave Maria! said...

Hello Fr. Ben! By a stroke of luck i have found your blog, and so a way to keep in touch. I have just enjoyed reading your blog. I hope all is well in Vermont, and i am already learning much that i can possibly share with the parishes at home someday! ;-) Have you seen the post on NLM by Michael Lawrence called "A Parish Priest's Pithy Perusal of Latin and Ad Orientem"? Thought you might find it interesting. Also wondering: how can i get in touch with Bishop Matano?
Many Blessings, may Mary give you strength,

Shawn said...

Hi Fr. Ben, found your Blog, Kim told me where it was at. Somehow this thing knows my name...I'm not quite sure why. Just thought I'd say hi, and remind you that when you have time we should get together to talk about Oxford. Fr. Aidan suggested I read B-16's Nature and Mission of Theology (written when he was C.R.). Its pretty dense, I have to read sections 2 or 3 times just to get what he's talking about. See you Sunday!


Ave Maria! said...

Fr. Ben,
I thought in the future you might find the website helpful, if you don't already know about it. They have an online tutorial for how to celebrate the low mass so far, and have added a tutorial for altar servers to learn the latin mass as well. Praying for you and for our parish,