Friday, September 28, 2007

Rumours of my Death

As Mark Twain once said, "rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated!" I have been in blogosphere Purgatory for some time; this new double-parish, and all the attendant expectations of what the new parish priest should be doing have left little time to get near the computer. I still have yet to find a proper routine, so physical, mental and spiritual exhaustion has been a problem in recent weeks. Given that my odd little blog is sometimes read by my parishioners, tactful silence about any issues in the parish is probably the best option, but it can be said, in the nicest possible way, that my predecessor was known for his non-availability - the expectation now seems to be permanent availabilty - a balance will be found! Many people have been very kind (no names to protect the innocent!), a beautiful shrine is being constructed in the Sanctuary for the Tabernacle, which is now back in its proper place, in the very centre of the Church, where previously the Celebrant sat, like Humpty Dumpty to be adored by the faithful. The shrine is being constructed by the brother of one of our young priests, an expert carpenter who loves to work in the Church. He is using some of the original wood and altar railing which was happily preserved in the cellar of the Church. To carve and construct what he is creating new, would be hugely expensive - the cost of the project has been donated by one fine family in the parish. At the moment, I have the great joy of having my Mother stay with me. She is only here for a week, so, in between parish stuff, I am trying to spend as much time with her as possible. I still don't know how to do one of those link things, but Father Jay Scott Newman has a report on his visit to Burlington on his blog. Given all my time constaints, I'm wondering if I will be able to continue the Owl of the Remove. This is not one of those shameless plugs for a response, but as I don't have one of those site meters, I really don't know if it is visited by more than about ten people - will people still come - even if postings are infrequent - or should I so something more useful, like read a book?


Ttony said...

I'm one of the frustrated ones: please try and post (say) once a week. Tell us a bit about the differences between being a PP in the UK and the US.

Fr. Dwight Longenecker said...

I'm still tuning in! Post when you can.

Fr Jay Scott Newman said...

I, too, am a busy pastor stretched beyond all reason....but I find that posting on my blog from time to time is therapeutic. I hope you'll keep on keeping on!

jefflax said...

FR. Kiely,
Say it ain't so !! I've been checking twice a day since your last post. I can't pretend to know what the demands of a priest in this diocese can do to the soul but I can tell you that I believe that the blogosphere in general has created a new paradigm for the reform of the reform.
Gone are the days when abuses were merely rumours, when the average layperson did not have access to accurate information and tranaslations and when functionaries and chancery politicians could operate their fiefdoms in the dark.
I thank God every day (not just an expression) for all the exemplary clergy who, through this medium, stick their necks out to aid the spiritual growth and well being of the church. It is especially meaningful when that clergy also happens to be a priest of my diocese.
Cut back if you must but please, please, do not silence your keyboard.

gemoftheocean said...

Ditto, even if you don't post much. "They" say it's good to post even 3 short blogs (or in your case even just a little bit now and again when you have time.) It doesn't have to be earth shakingly cataclysmic. But it's interesting hearing a bit about how today's priests are coping trying to run two parishes.

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[It's not as complicated as it sounds.]

Alternatively - where you type your blog in also has a tab for "html"
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Mac McLernon said...

I check daily to see if you're up to anything...

Great to see you've returned!

Liz said...

Please keep going! There are at least two of us who've been saying regularly at our house: "Father Ben needs to post something on his blog." It's so good to hear all the good things that are happening. You really encourage us. Keep it up, please, even if it's only once in awhile due to time constraints.

Ave Maria! said...

Fr. Ben,
I think it is safe to say people want you to keep posting. I've been checking regularly too, even though i've noticed you only get a chance to post about once a week. I'm so glad to hear more about the shrine, now if only something could be done with the carpeted, 70's church i know of in the area.. ;-)
I'll pray more for you, you sound exhausted. i can't try to imagine what it must be like for a priest nowadays. enjoy the stay of your mother!
I hope to talk to you sometime. Till then, may God's will be done in both our lives.
May the blessed mother be your constant strength and protection.

Ave Maria! said...

I just wanted to say i'm glad to see one of your interests is Gregorian chant, yay!
Pray for me, i'm from Vermont and in college right now studying music and hope to be of service to the church when i'm done this year.

Ave Maria! said...

i just wanted to let anyone know who is interested that i decided to create my own blog, which i did tonight, so my user name will now connect to a blog site. Feel free to visit my blog and post there. I especially am interested in those of you from Vermont.

yp in vt said...

Please don't give up just yet !
Even the occasional post is most welcome in place of a chat over a cup of tea - which I gather you haven't much time for. Your blog is loved by many, as are your columns in the Tribune. My family feels very blessed that you are here with us now...we needed you so very much! We'll pray for you.

WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

I too would like it if you posted at least now and then :)

God bless

Fr John Boyle said...

Hi Father Ben!
Don't give up - an occasional post when you can. I've posted a few photos of Nativity Church on my blog here.

Philip said...

Don't go, we love ya'!

Fr Justin said...

Dear Father: I know just what you're going through. Two and a half years ago I too was appointed to two parishes—of very different characters—and have been labouring since to glue them together. I know how exhausting it is. Personally, I found blogging a relief; until I discovered that not all readers are friendly! One does need to be circumspect, but do please keep going. It is at very least good to know that one has friends out there, even though they have never met. And I suggest you adopt a sitemeter or something like that; it can be a great encouragement. Furthermore, as the previous comments have suggested, your blog is a valuable extension of your ministry, one which may well have a substantial impact on the history of the Church. I will try and remember to put a link to you on my blog—I apologize for not having done so before (laziness, not malice!).

M. Alexander said...


the Mom said...

I will still come. I check your blog daily in the hope of a word of wisdom.

God bless your for restoring the tabernacle to its proper place. We have a new priest at our parish who is doing the same (Woo-hoo!). We are also getting a new altar, as he discovered that our was movable and without relics.

the owl of the remove said...

Thanks, good people!

Paranoid said...

Read the book.