Thursday, October 11, 2007

Love of the Church

"So too the Church in her teaching office does not arrive, does not hope to arrive, at a fuller revelation than the Revelation which was made once for all by the lips of incarnate Truth. It is only that her privilege of inerrancy enables her to interpret for every age the doctrine once for all delivered to her; what Christ began in Peter's boat, he continues from the slopes of the seven hills. And even the lives of the saints, in which Christendom mirrors the life of its Founder, the fortitude of the martyrs, the mortifications of confessors, the purity of virgins, in what power were they sustained, but by the power which His own merits have bequeathed to His Mystical Body?"

Monsignor Ronald Knox.

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Ave Maria said...

Fr. Ben,
I just thought you would find it interesting to know that Shawn joined a the new Gregorian Chant society in Oxford this semester, and already chanted a requiem mass with them. So now there will be two of us from Vermont who know chant :-)