Thursday, January 3, 2008

Christopher Hitchens converts to Islam

Christopher Hitchens in sober mood.

Last night I had a very curious dream; I wonder, perhaps, if it might be a prophecy? Christopher Hitchens was giving the eulogy at the funeral of Kim Jong Il, the "great Leader" of North Korea who is, as far as I know, not yet dead. I was wearing a set of earphones and could hear the North Korean interpreter in the background while England's leading drunken atheist was talking. The curious part of the dream (if the previous section is not curious enough), was that the funeral appeared to be a Muslim ceremony, and Hitchens was praising the Islamic credentials of the late, loony Korean. Hitchens himself seemed to have become a follower of the Prophet. I suppose that means he will have to give up the whiskey. As my friend, the sainted Pastor of Park Avenue, so famously said to the inebriated Englishman: "you will either die a madman or a Catholic!" According to my dream, the former has taken place.

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the owl of the remove said...

I have been questioned as to whether I actually had this dream - sadly, I did.