Saturday, March 8, 2008

Marini 2: This Time It's Serious

New Papal MC - Monsignor 'the Enforcer' Marini

Interesting news about the US visit of BXVI's new MC - known as the "enforcer," the "real Marini", or "Marini 2 - No Surrender." Known to sweep away dancing nuns from the sanctuary with a casual flick of his steel-sided zuccetto, it is believed that Sammy Davis Junior originally meant his famous signature tune "The Candyman" to be called "The Candleman" in honour of Monsignor Marini. Old 'seven candles,' as he is known in Native American circles, was in the US to do a preliminary heretic burn for Papa Benedetto - and to make sure there was no soft-rock/blue vestment nonsense of the type encouraged by his namesake, Archbishop Piero 'Kenny G" Marini, when the Boss or "Big Ben" arrives next month. Taking no prisoners, any US Bishop who allows anything approaching a Mahoney-fest will soon find himself the Apostolic Nuncio in Uzbekistan - it will just take a word from the "enforcer" - the Candleman can, oh the candleman can.


Read Moonstone said...

that cracked me up! so why is this Monsenior so feared and awed? Is he really strict or is he really funny? or both? : ) thanks for the wisdom of your insights and the Orthadox side of humor.


Bridgesketcher4fun15 said...
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Bridgesketcher4fun15 said...

ah hahahahahahahahahaha!!! anyone have a tisue? The image of the monsenior trying to "sweep away dancing nuns from the sanctuary with a casual flick of his steel-sided zuccetto" did it for me. But the whole thing is great. Keep the Humor rolling plz.

God Bless,

Christine said...

Hurrah for the Monsignor! Long may he live!