Friday, March 7, 2008

Sword of the Spirit Movement

Cardinal Hinsley broadcasting on the BBC during World War II.

According to the great historian and writer, Christopher Dawson, who was Vice-President of the 'Sword of the Spirit,' founded by the wonderful Cardinal Hinsley, the aim of the movement was a "return to the foundations on which Western civilization and our own national life were built and therefore opposed alike to the deliberate apostasy of the totalitarian state and the superficial materialism of our own secularised culture." Sounds like we need a new 'Sword of the Spirit' movement in 2008! I believe I am right in saying that Churchill was almost convinced to become a Catholic by the example and leadership of Cardinal Hinsley.

"The world is now the stage of a conflict between those who genuinely believe in a Divine Creator and those who avowedly or implicitly deify man."

E. I. Watkin.

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