Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Garden of England

Home for a brief visit in honour of my Mother's 'special' birthday ( not allowed to say how old except the biblical "three-score and ten" may apply!) Kent is looking absolutely wonderful, extremely green and fecund. However, given the poor exchange rate, prices are about double what they are in the USA - for all the complaints about gas prices at nearly $4.00 - try $9.00 a gallon! Will sup tomorrow with fellow blogger and friend,South Ashford Priest, Father John Boyle.


gemoftheocean said...

9 bucks? And I was bitching about it "Being like yurrup with the gas prices." At least you'd be getting imperial gallons, yes? Or have they gone "litres" on you? Maybe we ought to just sand blast Iraq and take their oil and throw Ted Kennedy and his ilk in the conflagration.

("teddy, can we drill in Anwar now, just a thought, it's a frozen wasteland up there, except for all the oil we could be using that you helped stopped us from getting, and those oil refineries, can we build a few more now that you and "Jorge" have let 30 million illegals in? Just a thought...."ipc

Kimberly said...

Fr. Ben,
I finally come home, and from what i've heard, you kept asking about me, but when I finally get here, you're gone for a week! Look forward to seeing you when you get back though, except I was hoping you would be around this week. I thought it would've been nice to plan a procession for the feast of corpus christi.
Say hi to Fr. Boyle for Shawn and I, and I hope he likes my recital CD :-)

mom v many said...

What a beautiful view of England!
I hope your visit will be blessed.

I've posted a few pictures of the kids at the Mary celebration.

Many returns of the day to your Mom!