Monday, May 26, 2008

Words of Wisdom

Two good quotes from recent reading:

"The most fundamental division within the Church at present is between those for whom the traditions still do possess vitality, although they may sometimes take newer forms, and those who regard the Catholic past as largely irrelevant and even pernicious. The latter group, who often enough do not see the fullest implications of their own attitudes, have had disproportionate influence, intellectually, in the process of 'reform'. Consciously or otherwise their goals with respect to the Church are often suicidal."

James Hitchcock - 'Years of Crisis, Collected Essays, 1970 -1983.'

"The parish, the living cell of the Church, must also really be a place of inspiration, life, and solidarity that helps people build centers in the periphery.......wherever the Eucharist is celebrated, wherever the Tabernacle stands, there is Christ; hence, there is the center."

Pope Benedict XVI - Meeting with Young People, Loreto, 2007.

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