Sunday, November 23, 2008

Holbein 'St. Thomas More'

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Bernadette said...

Lovely, isn't he ?

Me and my sister used to go up to the National P. Gallery as teenagers and stand in front of it for ages and imagine what it must have been like to be him. Our primary school was St Thomas More in Eltham, SE London. What a school. From reception we learned about the blood of the martyrs and the power of our faith. This Summer I took my own children to The Tower of London and we stood on the spot where Thomas More, John Fisher and many others were hung for looking to Rome and to Peter's Successor for authority. Probably one of the most moving experiences of my life. My children have been baptised, make their confessions once a month, receive Holy Communion and one of them has been confirmed. But that day, they KNEW in their hearts what it really and truly means.

The even more amazing thing was, we tried a few times to find the final resting place of TM and JF, but kept missing the slot and the Beefeaters were very Jobsworthy that day, so we left and wandered out of the Tower, through the City and found a very very very old church on our left and went in.. and there was this tiny, tiny brass plaque by the threshold of the door as we enetered and I nearly fainted - it said JF and TM were buried there in a quiet traitors plot after they had been hanged. The three of us dropped to our knees and just wept.

The poor Anglican tourist guide woman was a bit worried and nearly called an ambulance, But I managed to stop her.

A trip to London's Catholic Highlights should come with a health warning. It really isn`t to be taken lightly especially when we are living through current times.

But yes, Thomas More - he`s just brilliant. He has helped us no end. We love him. I just love everything about him. He is truly a Man for all Seasons - family man, lawyer, strong in the faith, fearless... Just how lucky are we to have had him as a patron for England.

Sory, I`'ll stop, now.