Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Great Influenza

Having not been up to much blogging for a while, I'm re-starting with a really gloomy one (got to keep the folks at home happy!). Some truly extraordinary things have happened in the last few weeks: the scandalous (in the Scriptural sense of the word) story of Georgetown covering the Holy Name and other Catholic 'symbols,' at the express request of the White House for the speech by Felsenburgh. Then Secretary of State Clinton's terrifying remarks about Margaret Sanger and the Felsenburgh Administration's policy of reversing pro-life laws all over the world. It has always surprised me that people who believe in a God of justice do not believe for one minute that we will ever be punished for the genocide of abortion. Health officials have been predicting for many years that it is only a matter of time before there is another world flu pandemic, on the scale of the 1918 pandemic, or even worse. That pandemic began in Kansas, and was incubated in pigs. John Barry's magisterial history of that period, 'The Great Influenza,' estimates that the 1918 pandemic killed between 50 - 100 million people in the world. God does not send evil - but He may allow this evil for a greater good. Watch your news tonight.


Paul Stilwell said...

I've heard that the virus of the 1918 pandemic worked in a very strange way. They couldn't figure out why it was only affecting young to middle-aged people and not the elderly and infants. It had something to do with the immune system's response.

The symptoms would start off as small fever or sore throat or some such thing. Naturally, if you're young to middle-aged you figure it's nothing and you go about your day as usual, but if you're elderly you take rest; because your immune system is weaker you feel the small fever or sore throat more.

This virus would appear to work the same way. Or worse. And I've heard that in the 1918 virus those who rested up and hydrated their bodies when they felt the "small symptoms" did not succumb to the virus.

I guess the virus worked in such a way that it lured one's immune system to exhaust itself.

Anyhow, I agree with what you've said in this post.

mom v many said...

HI Fr. Ben,
Citizens of San Francisco in 1918 were reminded to don their masks through a popular rhyme of the day:

"Obey the laws, And wear the gauze. Protect your jaws from septic paws."

Unfortunately, they still only hand out surgical masks.

If possible, try to secure the 8612F Respirator by 3M. Box of 20 is $23. IF folks start dying, these will run out quick.

Good to store, in any case....

MD said...

Father, contemporary theology {in too many places} equates social justice with God withholding punishment. This generation is on borrowed time, which I equate to a God more merciful than we can understand. Yet, a God worth living and dying for.