Saturday, July 4, 2009

Antonio the Olive

As promised, the first pictures of Antonio the Olive Tree, in my Mother's garden in Southern England, circa 2009. A solemn 'Te Deum' will offered for all who contribute to continued global warming.


GOR said...

My bid for a Te Deum: two garden tractors in daily use, a walk-behind mower, a rototiller, two gas chain saws, a snowblower (not in use...yet), two scooters, two SUVs and one 'boat'(a Grand Marquis...).

But despite all that, Wisconsin is still considered the "frozen Tundra"...!

Fr Longenecker said...

Have a good vacation Ben! We're off for a family vacation to NYC and I'll be meeting Fr Rutler and concelebrating Mass there.

gemoftheocean said...

No sweat, Father. I need all the prayers I can get.

In honor of your mother's olive tree, tonight I used a ton of itty bitty plastic water cups at the Panera. I'll celebrate this Global Warming as an octave. Let's see, tomorrow I will go down to the beach and see if I can find old fishing line to tangle up and kill some dolphins, they're a menace to surfers, anyway. That way all the liberals can be suckered into driving THEIR cars out to the beach to bewail all the dead porpi[?], porpoissesssess[??] more than one porpoise dead on the sand...then they'll haggle over giving it a good Christian burial, or cremation..then the anti-cremation crowd will cry about the pyre of fire and the ozone layer, and the anti-Christians will claim the porpoise wasn't a Christian.

and that's only today and tomorrow.
By Thursday I should have a whole raft more of ideas. Hopefully, I can dream up one involving Al Gore, Teddy Kennedy and 0ero. By next Monday, if I'm really talented, Global Thermo Nuclear War should be well underway.

If there's anything left of a planet, 10,000 years from now, your mum should have a whole back garden full of freak orange colored (or coloured, in her case) Olive trees, which grow their own bottles of gin, so she'll have somewhere to put all those olives.