Wednesday, July 1, 2009

In the Garden of England

Been home now for two full days, so the jet-lag is starting to wear off. Flew on a bizarrely small plane on the transatlantic part of the flight, from Philly to Gatwick. Stuck next to the loos for the whole flight: I offered it up for the sins of my parishioners. Not impressed with US Airways, seemed more like a budget airline, but without the charm of JetBlue. Gatwick was the usual British chaos everyone seems to have got used to in this country. The weather is wonderful - very sunny and warm, with everything green and fecund. Wimbledon is in full swing, with the new roof on the Centre Court keeping any rain off - there isn't any rain! The weather people on the television are in full "nanny State" mode, warning of the dangers of the heat and "procedures to take to avoid heatstroke;" we really are that stupid, apparently. I have decided that I am not going to rush around this year, trying to see everybody; mainly because I really seem to be very tired, and have been for weeks, so I clearly need a real holiday with my family and also - people can come and see me! So I am sitting in my mother's beautiful garden, reading (John Senior's 'The Restoration of Christian Culture,' and 'The Distilled Kinglsey Amis'). Her olive tree is doing very well in the heat - yes, that's not a typo - her OLIVE TREE - in South-East England! So I fully intend to encourage all forms of global warming - please do your part and go out for a needless drive in your SUV, then grill something, but make sure the air conditioning is turned up in the house. If I can work out the technical stuff, I may even use my mother's camera and put a picture of said olive tree up on the next post. I think, in the manner of Fr. 'Z', I will name the tree Antonio, in honour of St. Anthony who, once again, got me and my bags safely home. (P.S..... the picture is an old one - that's why the trees don't have any leaves!)


GOR said...

Yes Father, by all means rest up and don't try to 'cover all the bases' in visiting everyone!

Years ago after many vacations spent traipsing around to see all the "sisters, cousins and aunts", I finally decided enough was enough. They all knew where I was and could come visit, if so inclined. Worked much better - less stress and more rest.

Mac McLernon said...

You RAT, you've done it again. You're in Blighty and you didn't let me know.

Ok, we really have to meet up for a blognic soon... how long are you here for this time?

gemoftheocean said...

:-D An olive tree in England! What next? Can a lilies in the dead of winter be far behind?

I'll grill a steak on the hood of my SUV in your honor on the glorious 4th!

And don't feel guilt about lolling around. If you feel energetic, you can set up a hammock.

Swift said...

Have a wonderful vacation, Father. You deserve it. As for global warming etc. I hear tell that they used to have wonderful vineyards etc. in England before the cooling down that happened in the 1300's. Maybe all that's happening is that we're going back in time. Now if we could only go back in some other ways... Anyway, all that you're missing in Vermont is day after day, after dreary day of rain. Enjoy the sunshine.