Friday, January 8, 2010


In a (slight - and friendly) parody of the inimitable 'Fr. Z' - or Fr. Zed, as the great Father Blake calls him - Friday supper........

Take a beautiful can of the finest Heinz baked beans - English Heinz beans ideally, for flavour and quality. Gently open with a Roman can opener. Pour slowly into a copper-bottomed pan. Heat gently and with love. Meanwhile, prepare two pieces of toast. This will involve opening a packet of bread and inserting the bread into a will want your bread to be brown but not burnt..... we in England call it "toast." When you judge that the beans are ready, butter your toast with Kerrygold Irish butter, pour the beans over the toast and, for that final "je ne sais quoi", remove from the fridge the ketchup (tomato sauce in English) and squirt ( a technical "foodie" term) over the "beans on toast." Buon appetito!

p.s. Just saw the movie 'Julie and Julia' about the cook Judith Child - for English readers imagine Fanny Craddock - but more eccentric (is that possible!) - obviously this inspired my friday night culinary masterpiece.


gemoftheocean said...

ROTFL!!!! Great post.

And you're a Kerrygold Man!

Such a man HAS to keep posting.

Knew there was something about you I liked.

[I love my Casual "Hey, do you work out?" California bovines - but the Kerrygold girls make my favorite butter on earth -- BTW, if you have Trader Joes in your area, they've got the best price on the stuff!]

Liz said...

Actually without the ketchup and the Kerrygold butter (available in our local supermarket, but still having the butter calories), this is actually one of my favorite diet meals, although I actually use Bush's baked beans rather than Heinz. But the toast and beans, definitely good stuff. When I'm not dieting I'd probably use Cabot butter because that's almost certainly what we'd have on hand., but I'd still skip the ketchup. My homemade beans are worlds better, but they also have a tremendously high sugar and pork content, so they don't fit into anyone's diet meal category.

So glad you are a fan of baked beans, though. And tremendously glad to see the blog recovering.

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

For a great booster, try "Cheesie-beanies". When the beans are deposited on the "toast", quickly grate a quantity of aged English cheddar. Be sure to do this while the beans are still hot, so the cheese melts.