Sunday, January 10, 2010

Poor British!

News from Britain is grim: the Nation is grinding to a halt, the snow is piling up and there is no salt or grit for the roads -oh, and it's rather chilly! The temptation is to smirk and make comments about shoveling snow yesterday (the regular work of a Vermont Parish Priest) in temperatures of -10F (I don't know what that is in the funny money calculus) - but we will not give in to that temptation, no, not a bit of it. Little note to my friend Father John of 'Caritas in Veritate' - experienced snow-shovelling P.P's do not usually wear the full cassock - tends to get in the way - but the Saturno looks excellent!


gemoftheocean said...

I had a good giggle over what they were trying to shovel snow with -- looked like mostly dirt shovels! or even a coal shovel or two.

Good grief.

How are the sled dogs you undoubtedly got for Christmas working out? are they obeying you when you say "MUSH!!!!" [Or do they just crawl up your armpit praying you have "mush

I think that 33 inches you had was a record since around New Year's of 68-69, from what your paper said.

Oddly enough I do remember that one! [We lived in NH at the time, and when we got back from Christmas break the snow was piled over my dad's head at the end of our street (where our house was -- I learned some new words from my father the evening we got back.)

-- (it got up to 80F earlier today - I think we must be the only warm spot in the 48)

gemoftheocean said...

Oh, and I expect Fr. J. wore the cassock, because then people would be more likely to jump into help "poor Father John...look, he's shoveling snow in his cassock"

MomWithManyJobs said...

Thank you for the laugh!!! It brings great comfort to know that we are not the only ones up to our waists in the white stuff!! And my VT town does not use salt!

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