Friday, September 17, 2010

Daniel in the Lion's Den

The speech in Westminster Hall - truly "Caritas in Veritate!"

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Coffee Catholic said...

I'm up here in the north of Scotland, an American Catholic from a fantastic parish... and I've been thinking these past four years: The Faith is dead here. Even the Protestant christian faith is rapidly dying. We have abandoned churches sitting derelict or being turned into houses/stables/barns/sheds. Sunday is the day to watch football on the tube. The entire Christian ethos of "Love your neighbor as you love yourself" seems to have gone out of the window. In the UK as a whole, Christians (especially Catholics) are being painted as dangerous extremists, hate mongerers, and fanatics. Rural Scotland is nothing like rural America. It's just as secular and caught up in the world as the cities here!

Why am I here?? I want to go home!!

And then the Holy Father came for his visit and made his speeches and wow... all I can say is that I was wrong. God deffinately has His eye on Scotland and the UK!!!!