Thursday, July 5, 2007

Phone line

Little posting - busy - and phone lines in our village cut by vandals (I don't know if they were Muslim vandals, hearing that the founder of the Society of St. James the Moor Slayer was in town!) I'll have to take the Crusader flag down from the parapet.


Karen said...

Be careful out there. Stay away from head hackers. Let us know if Westminster Cathedral remains flooded with them, now that they have prayed there and may be under the delusion that it's now a mosque claimed for their cult.

Karen H. -- San Diego,Ca.

Mac McLernon said...

So, come on Fr Owl... have you phoned Fr Tim yet? Telling me the lines were cut is no excuse... mobiles use satellite!

(We're having chocolate cake and champagne after Benediction tomorrow, to celebrate the Motu Proprio... you'd be very welcome!