Saturday, July 7, 2007


I promised that when the Postal Order finally arrived, Bunter's great cry would echo around the Blogosphere - "yarooh!" Like many at Greyfriars, most of the members of the Remove doubted whether the Postal Order even existed, despite the Fat Owl's insistence that one day it would come. Now - 7/7/07 will always be remembered. Everyone is down at the Tuck Shop ordering Sherbert Dib-Dabs, Crunchies and Gobstoppers (in fact, Bishop Trautman has ordered a hundred Gobstoppers). The Fat Owl will end the day with a large glass of Bolly, in the company of another fine blogger - South Ashford Priest.


onthesideoftheangels said...

Trautman !
and here's me with no garlic or silver bullets.
You can't be diocese of Erie-ite can you?
Was a DRE there for a short period [for my sins]
Do they still smuggle in copies of Ignatius press books hidden under consignments of hard core pornography ?
Is the only latin allowed in Erie still miguel the village rent boy?
The only devotion is to the IRS and the only benedixion is Benny Dikshun the Lithuanian Polka singer?
I loved the people but boy, being a traditionalist catholic out there is almost as big a crime as a local who doesn't go to a spaghetti dinner or fish friday.

You have my deepest sympathies dude.

Liz said...

Yahroo indeed! Can we expect that there will be a Latin Mass in our diocese someday soon??? Will we have to travel an hour and a half or more to assist at one? Such questions continue to run through our minds. Fortunately, we're in your diocese not in Bishop Trautman's.

Fr John Boyle said...

Father, you've been tagged!

Liz said...

For Bishop Trautman and architects of liturgical destruction I suggest a few evenings spent reading C.S. Lewis's A Preface to Paradise Lost. He addresses the difference between liturgical language and form and ordinary conversation. He also explains the value of all of that pomp and ceremony. I think that perhaps some of the people who worked so hard at novelty never understood the value of the familiar in the liturgy. Obviously the Pope understands liturgy and its value far more than some of our bishops and priests. Thank God for him.

Jeffrey Smith said...

Bishop Trautman needs a gobstopper.