Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Up and Running?

Still no internet in the Rectory - and no time! Today is the first chance to do any posting - the first weekend went well - everyone was very nice and welcoming - some of my new parishioners even read this blog! I will have to be very polite about my new parishes! The house is a mess of boxes, and, of course, I can't find things I'm looking for, even though I marked the boxes. We are currently engaged in the search for the missing alb - it sounds like a Fr. Brown story. The diocese is in a sort of 'Motu Proprio frenzy' after Bishop Matano's letter, which seemed to get a lot of reaction on the web. Old Latin dictionaries are appearing, birettas are being dusted off - the Bishop is "all systems go" on this one! Meanwhile, I can't find my alb.


jefflax said...

Welcome back Fr.. Glad you have two or three weeks to get settled before it starts to snow :)
I hope that you had plenty of tuck stashed away to celebrate the arrival of the postal order here as well as in England.
Here's to building new altar rails!

Karen said...

did you remember to pack the alb in the first place? Chances are you packed it "somewhere safe" -- which means that with luck you will find it by Advent.

Karen H. -- San Diego

Biby Cletus said...

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Liz said...

I have a 1962 missal wending its way to me so that I'll be prepared for the Feast of the Assumption. Now I just have to locate a chapel veil...

Fr John Boyle said...

Your bishop has provided good leadership in celebrating the extraordinary form himself on the Assumption. (Found the letter eventually on your diocesan website. BTW: it's not the vernacular that is the ordinary form but the Pauline Missal - which is of course in Latin and may be celebrated in the vernacular. Nice to see he has reminded people of the possibility of singing the Kyrie etc.)

Do you only have one alb? Shall we bloggers launch a "Fr Owl's alb fund?"

the owl of the remove said...

Two albs - one is a good one - and of course, that's the one that's missing!