Friday, April 11, 2008

Goodness, Truth and Beauty

"What the Church can do today is to reform herself by repeating like a mantra the words "only the best will do": the best intellectually, morally, aesthetically."

Father Aidan Nichols, OP.

On Tuesday, the man who is putting that "reform" into practice arrives here in the United States - the Vicar of Christ and Successor of St. Peter - Pope Benedict XVI.

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Liz said...

I wish that more priests believed what Father Nichols said. Too often they are so busy making excuses for people not living up to the faith that there isn't any time to challenge them to actually do their best. Some priests are so scared that people will leave the Church if they actually preach what the Church teaches. What they don't realize is the number of people who are scared off from considering the Church because of the example of bad Catholics. Informed Protestants are frequently more clear on the Church's stances on moral issues than poorly catechized Catholics. Some priests act like the parents who want to be their teenager's buddy instead of their parent. There are times when it's important to tell the truth in love. Often priests focus on the love part of the equation and forget about the truth. Hopefully that is beginning to change, but every now and then I wonder whether Father Nichols could perhaps challenge more priests with his wisdom!