Sunday, April 27, 2008

"Sweet and Strong"

Managed to watch a little of the beautiful Ordination ceremony in St. Peter's today, where the Holy Father ordained 29 new priests. I was powerfully struck by the time he took ordaining each one - he really prayed over them - there was no rush, it was deeply impressive. As with all Pope Benedict's homilies, there was much to ponder over in his words to the newly ordained. He dwelt particularly on the profound silence of the imposition of hands filled, as he said, with an "extraordinarily dense spirituality." He told the new priests, "you must frequently return to this moment." I was taken back to the moment of my ordination, nearly 14 years ago - it was both humbling and extremely beautiful to see this mysterious moment - I noticed one of the new priests with tears in his eyes, tears of joy and peace. The Pope's final words; his 'wish' or desire for these new priests, is a wonderful description of what all of us who have been blessed by the Lord with the gift of the priesthood should be aspiring to - and what I would hope the people would want from their priests. If you want it from your priests - pray this for them!

"May you always be wise and generous givers, sweet and strong, respectful and confident."

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