Tuesday, July 1, 2008


I arrived last night after a delayed flight from Montreal - heavy rain and thunder. I am back in the Garden of England, enjoying a little rest. The last week in the parish was very exhausting - three funerals, moving all my stuff to Stowe, a diocesan meeting and then flying home! Once again, I will sup with fellow blogger and friend Father John Boyle, otherwise known as South Ashford Priest, on Wednesday night. We leave for Rome by train on Sunday - back on Friday. We will be staying at the Paul VI Residence, which is literally next to St. Peter's Square. I will put my new parish into the hands of the Prince of the Apostles - also we will make the Pauline Year pilgrimage to St. Paul's Outside the Walls -I think a plenary indulgence is on the cards! Other than that, we have a few particular favourite Churches we like - Sopra Minerva, Santa Croce and I want to try and get into the Chapel at the English College - I have never been able to before. We also have a particular little restaurant in Trastevere, in one of the back streets, that we are very fond of - specializing in boar (that's not roasted 70's liturgist, that would be 'boor' and 'bore,'- but wild boar!)


gemoftheocean said...

Sounds like a splendid way to recharge your spiritual batteries. And what a good son for being so close to your mom. I envy you still have her with you on earth.

Padre Steve said...

Wow, what a blessing! God bless you and your parish... Enjoy the time in Rome!

Mac McLernon said...

Have fun in Rome... and let us know when you're back in Ashford!

Monica said...

You might find the chapel at the English College is closed for decoration or something. I was told it was a couple of months ago when I was there. But just across the Piazza Farnese and further down the street is the new FSSP Church, SS Trinita. Well worth going there.

And in the Piazza Farnese itself there is, of course, the chapel of the Bridgetines - a beautiful chapel and the sisters are so hospitable.

Enjoy felix Roma.

Bruce said...

Another "find" in Trastevere is restaurant El Moro. Bet you can't find it!
Enjoy a well-deserved r+r.
Bruce in North Hero