Monday, June 30, 2008


Yesterday I took leave of the two parishes I have had the pastoral care of for the last year. The good people of St. Louis were most kind - speaking at the end of Mass and making a presentation. The previous week, at Nativity and St. Louis, I had apologized for any of my failings as a pastor - interestingly enough, no-one who has acted outside the bounds of Christian charity saw fit to make a similar apology.


Liz said...

Some people's mothers apparently didn't teach them good manners, or else they were so busy patting themselves on the back that they could remain part of AmChurch they forgot all the manners they were taught. We saw something similar happen around here on Sunday, let's just say our parish council forgot some of their manners in the midst of a big hoopla. Know that there are undoubtedly some people in that ill-mannered parish who will miss you and your perspective tremendously. Hopefully, they will send you some nice little notes saying exactly that. You may have scattered a lot of seed on rocky ground, but I suspect that some of it may have taken root better than you imagine.

mom v many said...

Oh Fr. Ben!
I'm so sorry for those who offended, as I and Mike did witness this first-hand at that parish council meeting. Please know, if we caused you any ill will I hope in time it may soften and you remember us fondly. Calvin will always have a special place in his heart for you and we will keep you in our prayers.

Fr John Boyle said...

Father Ben

If it's any consolation, when I referred today to 'the next parish priest' of this parish, one of my extraoardinary ministers of the eucharist and readers nodded enthusiastically, clearly looking forward to an earlier rather than later abdication on my part. He's one of those most anti all I have done and particularly anti the altar rails that shall be installed this week. Whilst the majority of folk, silently, love their parish priest (pastor) the ill-will of the few does none the less hurt. But it is God who is our judge.

Glad to have had supper with you and mother last week - hope you enjoy Rome.