Monday, June 30, 2008

Sad - yet hopeful!

While it is undoubtedly a loss to the US Hierarchy to lose one of its most outstanding Bishops, the rather ignorant glee of the left-wing heretics is somewhat presumptuous; they forget that Archbishop Burke is now guaranteed to be 'Cardinal' Burke - he will have immense influence in Rome on future appointments to the US hierarchy - and on future policy - perhaps we will all be laughing in the near future!

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GOR said...

I have noted elsewhere the similarities between Ab. Burke and our Holy Father - especially in terms of how each is viewed so differently by those who have met them and those who only see them from afar.

Given the Archbishop's age and certainty of a Cardinal's hat, I dare to hope that one day we may see the first American Cardinal as Pope.

That would really be a 'Hermeneutic of Continuity' (pace Fr. Finigan!).