Sunday, June 15, 2008

Moving Insanity

With two weeks to go, a combination of procrastination, inertia and packing phobia is now producing temporary(we hope!) insanity! Urgent novenas, penance, pilgrimages, Midnight Office please!


canon1753 said...

Can I humbly ask for the some of the same remedies as Fr. Owl, As I am in the same predicament and (I'm slightly neat-challenged:)

Merci Beaucoup!

Liz said...

I'll send up a prayer for both of you. We haven't moved in 23 years and that time we only had to move about 100 feet, so it was really easy to do it in stages and some stuff is still in the storage building that was behind the original residence. I would so hate to move now (the attic and the basement are both horrors of clutter). We just moved our dd into a new apartment on Saturday and not all of her stuff has gone there yet. So I really, really, really sympathize. Owl, be sure to be careful where you pack your vestments. Remember the problems you had last time.

Offering up prayers for all the priests who are about to move. May they be given grace during this time of transition and may their new parishes receive them with great joy and welcome.

ladybug said...

I have heard the Howl of the Removed and will pray!

Anonymous said...


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gemoftheocean said...

Hope the guy before you didn't have any dogs with fleas!

Wouldn't a good fire just be easier?

Mac McLernon said...

Ladybug - very VERY funny!