Monday, October 13, 2008

Feast of St. Edward the Confessor

Today is the Feast of St. Edward the Confessor, who really should be England's Patron Saint. In this time of crisis, both financial and moral, I could not help being struck, reading the homily of Ronnie Knox for the Second Reading of Matins, that St. Edward could teach our current crop of politicians about real statesmanship. Knox writes, speaking of the great and the good buried in Westminster Abbey, where the king and confessor lies, that "true satisfaction came to them and true success crowned them only so far as their ambitions were for a cause, not for a party; for others, not for themselves. Man's happiness lies in devoting himself; his success in the offering he can make." Many months ago, I remember saying to someone that John McCain should pledge that he will only serve one term, and then focus completely, not on being re-elected, which seems to be the function of the first term of the President, but healing the great ills which currently beset this great Nation. Interestingly enough, Ed Rollins, a senior Republican figure, has today come out with the same thought! I also think that McCain should consider something along the lines of a 'National Government,' made up of members of all parties and none, because this crisis is way beyond the stale politics of bipartisanship. Perhaps we should all invoke the Collect of St. Edward, given for today's Feast, for the coming days.

"Lord, you raised Saint Edward, king and confessor, to excel in good government and faithful service. May these ideals survive and flourish among us through his prayers."

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