Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Belloc Caricature

I have wanted a decent Belloc caricature for some time. I have one created while he was alive - but what fun to commission a new one! Thanks to Ted Schluenderfritz at the Catholic Illustrator's Guild (smallpax.com), I am now the proud possessor of an original watercolour. I asked him to have Belloc holding a glass of wine, as all Bellocian's know, not something unusual - and to add the lines from one of Belloc's letters which I like: "Now the Faith is not taught. It is inhabited and breathed in." As the image has already appeared on the Web, I would ask, if anyone wants to use it, that they acknowledge the artist - Ted Schluenderfritz - and the fact that it is in the private collection of the owner - the Owl - thank you!

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MAB said...

Love it!

I am a fan of Ted Schluenderfritz's work. He has done several illustrations for Sophia Institute Press.