Thursday, June 11, 2009

Speech in Egypt

"Yes, my darling; it is true. But I want to hear it again and again. Tell me again what you saw."

"I saw the Son of Man," she said. "Oh! there is no other phrase. The Saviour of the world, as that paper says. I knew Him in my heart as soon as I saw Him - as we all did - as soon as He stood there holding the rail. It was like a glory around His head. I understand it all now. It was He for whom we have waited so long; and He has come, bringing Peace and Goodwill in His hands. When He spoke, I knew it again. His voice was as - as the sound of the sea - as simple as that - as - as lamentable - as strong as that. - Did you not hear it?"

Oliver bowed his head.

"I can trust Him for all the rest," went on the girl softly. "I do not know where He is, nor when He will come back, nor what He will do. I suppose there is a great deal for Him to do, before He is fully known - laws, reforms - that will be your business, my dear. And the rest of us must wait, and love, and be content."

Lord of the World by Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson, page 98.


gemoftheocean said...

Can't the devil just tempt him by saying he's so powerful he can throw himself off a parapet and live? He's so narcissistic he'd do it.

gemoftheocean said...

Oh, and he needs to get his feet off the desk in the oval office--that's GOVERNMENT property (and a gift at that from the UK) He doesn't need to show his shoe soles to the Israelis. Oh. Wait. Closet Mooseslum.