Thursday, June 18, 2009

Year for Priests

With first Vespers of the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart, the 'Year for Priests,' called for by our Holy Father, Pope Benedict, begins. With an absolutely beautiful and challenging letter, the Holy Father, it what seems to be a very personal letter, proposes the life and ministry of St. John Vianney as the model for all of us who have the burden and grace of the priesthood. A high ideal! Perhaps I could suggest, as there are now a number of priest-bloggers, special prayers for all those priests - and, of course DAILY prayer for your own parish priest - don't you do that already - and if not, why not?


gemoftheocean said...

My own hippy pastor would require a daily novena or some other form of intensive care. He's trying to install a hootenany mass at the 5:15 Sunday mass once a month. I think he's doing it for spite. I can barely keep from shouting at him "the hippies are DEAD, give it up you kumbaya hand waving centering prayer narcissistic thing, you." That mass USED to be the one "safe" Mass that was done "as written" without embellishment - then by his dumb luck of his supply priest having an accident, he got away with a big fat lie, and got rid of someone he's been jealous of for year. It's like watching a rottweiler mark his territory.

If you want to not publish this comment, I won't take offense, but that's the God's truth and "the score."

gemoftheocean said...

Oh, BTW, I *DO* pray for him - but he doesn't make it easy!!!

tibotmorfenoo said...

Owl...can't wait for your review of Caritas in Veritate - I'm on the edge of my seat - Wiegel seems to be disappointed, I am glad he cleared up which parts of the encyclical were "manifestly Benedict XVI" and the parts Benedict XVI "evidently believed he had to try and accommodate." I can't make this stuff up!!! Weigel is great - the quintessential "cafeteria Catholic." If you don't want to blog about Caritas in Veritate how about Micheal Jackson? about Palin's latest announcement:-)

Hope you have/had safe a safe journey "home" back to the "People's Republic of Vermont:-)" I am praying for you Owl...many, many prayers... Don give up...Don't EVER give up!!!!

the owl of the remove said...

We all have our version of the cafeteria, dear tibot, your good self included. I refer you to the Vutus Christi blog, a far more spiritual and deepr blog than mine, for a fine review of the Holy Father's latest encyclical. I'm not sure about George's "review" - none of us is right all the time - not even George - or me! I am unable to blog about Michael Jackson as I am too grief-stricken at the demise of the King of Pop and find myself breaking down if I try and type anything.

tibotmorfenoo said...

It is comforting to know that fellow Catholics have personal struggles with all She proposes. It is humbling for us all. I really shouldn't be gloating when, these struggles become apparent in other's works/lives. What they/I need more than anything at these points in their lives are prayers. I just hope Weigel and company can share in the humility. Sounds like being home is good for you...hpoefully not too good - we need your balance back in the Green Mtn state.