Thursday, September 3, 2009


The kind and computer-savvy Fr. John Boyle aka 'Caritas in Veritate' or "Carrie" to his friends, set up 'Sitemeter' for me when he was here two weeks ago. He said I would discover if three people were really looking at my infrequent and often dull musings, or "supercilious" musings, according to one constant thorn. Well , it seems lots of people have too much time on their hands! I'm sending out a big English "helloooo" in the manner of Terry Thomas, to one and all!


gemoftheocean said...

How many hits did you get? Have a sitemeter, but I haven't checked in ages. It's fun though, to see where you get hits from.

mom v many said...

HI Fr. Ben,
Yes, a sitemeter can be a blessing and a curse! LOL!!!

Victor S E Moubarak said...

Hello and greetings from the UK.

God bless.

gemoftheocean said...

Hi again, Fr. Owl. I had the following message on one of my blog posts to pass on to you:


Hi Gem!

Tell "Owl of the Remove" that many of us enjoy his blog. When he does get around to blogging, of course. ;) Some of us just don't have a Google or Blog account and probably never will.

I know, famous last words....


Tom in South Jersey"

So no need to ever get the sulks, Father. And you thought you were underappreciated!

the owl of the remove said...

Thanks, Karen - actually it was Fr. John who insisted I get the sitmeter - I'm not really into the"competition' side of blogging - for a start I would have to blog every day - and find something interesting to say! It is nice to discover where people are from. Thanks to Tom in New Jersey for his comment on your blog.

gemoftheocean said...

Don't get me wrong, sitemeters can be fun. Just don't obsess! I was no end amused some time back where I found a hit (for over 20 hours yet) from someone in the Vatican. I doubt if it was papa, but who knows?

Kate said...

Hi Fr., I am another reader of Catholic blogs (and a blogger) from the UK.Don't mean to sound sycophantic, but I particularly enjoy the blogs of priests and find them a great source of hope and help.

The sitemeter thing is fun, but I try not to pay too much attention to it!
God bless you.