Saturday, September 5, 2009

Poll on the "Peter Principle"

Does the "Peter Principle" (that people rise to the level of their incompetence in any kind of organization) apply the most to:

a) The Church

b) Politics

c) Business

d) The Government

e) All of the above


gemoftheocean said...

To some extent all of the above. Though business, through natural market forces purges its boneheads - IF they want to stay in business.

With politicos, fossils such as "dear Ted" have to die. Of course you could say the voters of Massachusetts had risen to THEIR level of incompetence by voting for that useless man year after year.

As for the church? The liberal good-ole-boys in the UCCSB is proof of the principle.

Jeff Miller said...

I have written about what I have called the St. Peter Principle. St. Peter as pope would have been an example of the Peter principle if not for grace.

Victor S E Moubarak said...

All of the above.

Sadly though, this is often accepted as the norm and incompetents are left at the top for fear of rocking the boat.

That is not to say of course that only incompetents rise to the top. There are many good people at the top of their professions or vocations - but amongst them there are those who should not be there and their presence stops some other more competent person from doing the job.

But hey ... that's life!

A Catholic Man said...

All of the above applies to the"Peter Principle" But Politics are the worst. Look at are Great President Obama I believe that their is not a more perfect collision of Murphy's Law with the Peter Principle in a single individual.

tibotmorfenoo said...

I finally get this post. Hence,

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