Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Ubiquity of the Web

I have had my first experience of the ubiquity of the world-wide web. Although my articles for the former 'Vermont Catholic Tribune,' now known as the 'Vermont Catholic' have my copyright, once something is on the web, copyright does not seem to exist. My articles also appear in the much more widely distributed 'St. Austin Review.' I recently received an email asking me to clarify points I made in an article I had written for 'VirtueOnline' - I was not aware I had written an article for an online magazine of which I had never heard of. Idly googling myself, as one does on a Tuesday evening after Mass, I find I am now on a number of Anglican websites - it's all rather peculiar. At least the article I originally wrote seems rather helpful. I am a great believer in Ecumenism - all roads lead to Rome!

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