Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen

One of the things my magnificent (!) seminary training ill-prepared me for was "shovelling ministry." For English readers, this excellent course would introduce the seminarian to the idea that, when appointed as a parish priest in Vermont he would: a) spend a considerable amount of his time shovelling snow from church entrances, walkways and parish halls - b) learn the difference between freezing rain and normal rain - which, by the way, if snow is already on the ground, is no difference at all - c) discover that parishioners will complain about snow blocking doorways anyway - even though they could do something about it - like offer to help shovelling!

God bless Al Gore - I'm looking forward to global warming!


Kimberly said...

bah, stop your whining! ;) It's good for ya! It's God MAKING you make time for needed exercise! hehe... now if only he could do that for you with learning a certain liturgy.... :)

gemoftheocean said...

Bribe your altar servers with some coin of the realm. They are probably too young to get heart attacks doing that stuff.