Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Betrayed by a Kiss

The "ad intra" encouragement of disloyalty to the Pope just got a huge boost from Fr. Richard McBrien, the well-known heterodox professor from Notre Dame. He really should be ashamed of the article he penned in Newsweek. The reality is that people who are warning about potential schism in the Church are actually behind on the story: the schism is real, and has been for some time - the difference is, they don't leave the Church anymore, they try and corrupt it from within. The danger to the precious faith of the ordinary faithful when those who speak, apparently in the name of the Church, is immense. Let us never forget that Jesus' warning about the "little ones" and the millstone was not about children but the little poor ones, those of a simple and humble faith. Another kiss in the Garden from Fr. McBrien. How appropriate on 'Spy Wednesday.'


Patrick Torsell said...

McBrien's writing style once again betrays his clear and deep disdain for Tradition. It's also clear that he worded it in such a way as to actively incite more anger/hatred for the pope through his mis-statements and half-truths, and just generally poorly worded statements. And this guy is teaching theology at our nation's most prominent "Catholic" educational institution. Tis a sad state of affairs, Fr. All the more reason to pray more and more and more!

See you at Mass. The choir is prepared!

Liz said...

What I'd like to know is what ever happened to our collective memory. Doesn't anyone remember the 70's when Phil Donahue had people on his TV show promoting childlove, and "gay priests" proclaiming their right to a non-celibate homosexual lifestyle? Where was the outrage then? Why was Donahue the darling of liberal Catholics? It strikes me that people like McBrien were probably supportive of those "gay priests" and perhaps even open to the idea that lowering the age of consent, as they'd done in the Netherlands, was a good thing. Where was the outrage when people who were sitting on screening panels for seminaries were screening out people who supported the Church's teaching on sexuality?

Perhaps if the cultural climate then had not been so "open and affirming" we wouldn't be dealing with the scandal that we are now, at least not to the degree we are. It just strikes me as very unfair that we are judging the actions of bishops trying to deal with these problems in the 1970's by the standards of today. I wish that they had dealt with the problems as canon law and the moral teachings of the Church instructed them to. The actions of abusing priests and bishops who were at best muddling is not something to be proud of. However, it was people like McBrien who were encouraging people to ignore canon law and change the moral teachings of the Church. It's not like the things he taught are disconnected to the problem.

Saying lots of prayers to St. Michael for the Holy Father and for all priests.

gemoftheocean said...

And of course there are NO pedos outside the church.

McBrien is such a toad. How many pieces of silver did he get for that jumble of words, I wonder?

Typical. And the worst of it is, people like him such catch a clue and take a look at the timeline of the accusations. A blind man with a clear head could see through it in a nano-second.

Just more fodder for the "let's see how we can screw up Holy Week This year" crowd. Regurgitating a story they covered over 15 years ago. And THEN it was Milwaulkee who'd sat on even reporting the thing for over 20 years from the incidents in which time the priest in question already wasn't functioning as a priest as he was dying and did so within a year.

gemoftheocean said...

And let's also not forget the shrinks who back in the 60-80s largely claimed that pedos could be "Cured" with enough "therapy" and could be rehabilitated. MANY institutions in society were blindsided by this false assertion, not just "the Catholic Church."