Thursday, March 25, 2010

Novena for the Holy Father

There is an orchestrated, organized campaign against the Holy Father, of this, there is no doubt. "le Grappin," as St. John Vianney described him, is behind this. The best, and only remedy is prayer. I suggest a novena to St. John Vianney, the Patron Saint of Parish Priests, beginning at First Vespers of Palm Sunday - how appropriate as we begin Holy Week. Please join in this Novena for Pope Benedict - if you are a priest, please ask your parishioners to join in prayer for the health, safety and protection of the Holy Father.


Jane said...

Father, you are so right in everything you say.

Will certainly offer the Novena you suggest.

gemoftheocean said...

So tame -- well, it is the run up to Holy Week. I suppose we can't tie Pinch Sulzberger to a car and...oh, never mind.

I read an interesting take on WHY the pope is being attacked just now, and I tend to put some credence to it.

The story about the Milwaulkee guy is an OLD news story, covered by the New York times YEARS ago. What happened is that it was almost 20 years after the events allegedly took place that Weakland (he of the light in the loafers varienty of bishop with his own problems) finally let Rome know about it (i.e. then Cardinal Ratzinger) By THAT time the priest in question was gravely ill in Hospital, and was going to die soon, and in a year or so did. -And in this new Rehash by the NY times a few of these key facts were convienienty left out.

But why NOW, in particular? Well, let's see, who was main waterboy for Barrack HUSSEIN Obama all during the election cycle -- being his cheerleader and covering up for him, not asking tough questions, giving him the "what's your favorite color treatment." the New York Times.

What so-called "paper of record" do US news outlets go to when they are lazy? The New York Times.

What Church organization fought harder than any other to stop this health care mess when it became clear that abortion was to be funded? The Catholic church.

Who heads the Catholic Church?
The pope.

The church was standing in the way of the 'bamster.

What other in your face-you-people
Mean-nothing-to me things has the Zero done? Well, just look at who he tried to appoint to ambassador to the Vatican? Proaborts who wouldn't be acceptable. Who'd he invite to White House Christmas parties that was conspicuous? NARAL and the like - (And who did he invite to the zerocare signing? Oh, those "nuns" who supported Zero.

It doesn' ttake much for the state controlled mouth pieces to be in collusion with team obama. "Hey, Easter is coming up, I hate Catholics, and they're wrestling with a pedo problem, what can I do to ensure the news is all one negative cycle all next week during holy week so they can talk about 'is the pope himself a pedo?" "

Zero + NY TImes gets this spread far and wide. These people are thugs. Standard tactics to quell opposition and "change the subject" while they kill babies and rape America.

Look how Netanyahu was treated in broad daylight, Jimmy CARTER was "Mr. Suave and sophisticated" compared to the 10 year old Hussein throwing a hissy fit when he made demands he had no right to make -- pranced off to have dinner with wife/family, leaving "his" guest, in reality the US's best ally in the region out to dry and cool his heels, a prostitute who'd shown up at the door would have been better treated.

If they do this in broaddaylight, trying to screw over the pope is nothing to these people behind closed doors.

I didn't come up with the theory - heck out this priest from Australian's blog:

OBama behind current attacks on pope

True you've got to concretely connect the dots between OBama in the NY Times, but I don't think it's more than a half-inch gap.

Jo Anne said...

Just reading this today Father. I'm on it!