Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The New Anti-Semitism

Christopher Hitchens

The vile Christopher Hitchens who, if he was writing about Jews or Black people would never be published and, in fact, would probably be prosecuted, has written a vicious, demented and demonic attack on the Pope on It struck me that, even though some would think that I have finally lost my marbles, Catholics, at least in some parts of Europe, but also in some parts of the USA that resemble Europe in their aggressive secularism, are experiencing gradually but perceptibly, what Jewish people experienced in the years leading up to the Holocaust. Absurd, say the naive, well-meaning fools who cannot fathom evil until it gasses six million. Just look at the language of the Hitchens article (actually don't - take my word for it - it's horrible). He is far from unusual. Cashing a check at the bank recently, I noticed the bank clerk looking at the check, the Church name on the cheque (British English), my name (identifying me as priest) - there was a coldness that I can only put down to hostility to the Catholic Church. I may have been wrong, but as I left, I immediately thought of the experiences of Jews in Germany in the 1930's - how little acts of hostility gradually became open contempt and then, finally, legalized persecution. Insane - persecution complex? I don't know - but look at the language of the intelligentsia which hates everything the Church stands for with a passion which is, indeed, demonic.


the owl of the remove said...

In case anyone wonders: yes, I was also in clericals - I was wearing my yellow "Star of David."

gemoftheocean said...

Next time you go in be sure to wear your cassock, if you weren't and a saturno to REALLY piss them off.

Then tell them to "Have a nice day, unless you have other plans" when you leave.

[And how can you THINK of 86'ing your blog?!

I expect you're also suffering from Pelosi/Reid -itis, which is enough to depress a hyenna! Don't let the bastards win. Dammit, man, *I'd* miss your posts!]]

JD Curtis said...

Heck, I just found out today that Hitchens finally came out of the closet. Link

Chris B said...

Wow, paranoid much?

If you're a priest, you represent an organization that vocally endorses and opposes very specific things. Not everyone likes all of these positions.

And that's not even getting into all of the child rape business.

People disbelieving in your theology and disapproving of your politics is not the same as being singled out as a nation's scapegoat, no matter how much you fantasize about it, or how many dirty looks you imagine.

You said it yourself: "the intelligentsia...hates everything the Church stands for" not "everyone in the Church". There is a difference between disagreement and bigotry.

Chris B said...

JD Curtis: Heck, I just found out today that Hitchens finally came out of the closet.

You are waaayyyyy too obsessed with the sexual orientation of people you hate. Get some help.

the owl of the remove said...

A good point Chris B - but you seem to be forgetting history - in the last century more Christians were killed by Fascists and Communists that in all the previous centuries - perhaps you should add Nazi Germany, Spain and the Soviet Union to your "Atheist blogroll!"......and I come from a country where this actually happened. By the way, I don't endorse everything that people put on this blog - that's why you are on it!