Sunday, February 3, 2008

Last Gasp

Father Richard McBrien addresses a 'We are Church' gathering

I return to see that the few relics from a dying Church are still trying to fight their desperate rearguard action against the leadership of both Pope Benedict and John Paul the Great. Some younger folks may not realize that John Paul began the "reform of the reform" way back in 1980 with "Inestimabile Donum," warning about liturgical abuses and firmly attempting to correct them. So, for 29 years, the teaching office of Peter has been clearly teaching the authentic interpretation of the Second Vatican Council, not what people want the Council to say. Following soft-rock crooner Marini's disloyal attack on his former boss, the old liberal cadaver Richard McBrien now comes out with an absurd review of the crooner's tosh. Included in the piece is the unbelievable clericalism (yes - clericalism!) of McBrien's comment that receiving Communion in the hand means that people are now equal and not kneeling like "serfs before their Lord!" In case you didn't know - if you choose (you have that right - but not obligation) to kneel to receive your Saviour, strangely enough you are not kneeling to the priest, whatever Father McBrien may believe - you are kneeling before the living God - as far as I know, we are not yet equals with the one whom Moses had to remove his shoes before. I presume the new prayer in 'McBrien-Church' will be: "Lord, I AM worthy to receive you!" As some of you may know, I love zombie movies, and each time one of the living dead, like the old fossils Greeley, Joan Chittister or "Zombie" McBrien are wheeled out, from the high security liberal nursing home where they are kept in 24 hour lockdown by the evil forces of the CDF, to give a comment about current Church practice - (always negative - have you noticed that?) - I am reminded of a George Romero movie. These creatures now move slowly, they are still alive in a sense, but can only survive by eating living human beings. How they must long for the days when they were alive, those heady days, when they could dance the liturgical night away and get down and boogy to the super-sounds of the 70's. What happened to their dreams - why are these young folks asking for reverence and worship at Mass? What hope they had that the vocation crisis would usher in an age of priestless celebrations - how sad they must be to see seminary numbers once again rising and young people with none of the baggage of their glory days coming forward for priesthood and the religious life. Take a look at the 'We are Church/Voice of the Faithful' gatherings - and then look at the website of the Nashville Dominicans or the Sisters of Life.

For light reading on my break, I read Philip Hughes magnificent 'History of the Catholic Church' - that puts everything into perspective - and reminds one that we have seen it all - literally - before - but the Church goes on - founded upon the promise to Peter. Now I must, like one of my good readers said on his blog, go and pray.


tibotmorfenoo said...
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jefflax said...

We've missed you.
Glad to see you rested & revived.
Way to come out of your corner swinging!
Re: your topic; one of my very favorite quotes from the blogosphere is "most of the problems with the church today can be solved by funerals and a few retirements".
We are in it for the long haul so stay the course and we will eventually see the fruits of orthodox worship and authentic Catholicism seep into the marrow of our being and reflect back to the world.
Long after you and I are gone I think church history will show the sixties/Spirit of V2 gang to be a furious, but insignificant blip on the radar screen.

Kimberly said...

I too am glad to see you come back from vacation obviously refreshed in some way. It continues to be a comfort to know of such priests in Vermont, giving voice to the need of church renewal. I hope i can soon be of help with that in my own way!

Simon Platt said...

Dear Father,

You wrote:

I presume the new prayer in 'McBrien-Church' will be: "Lord, I AM worthy to receive you!"

Of course, we've already been there:

"We thank you for counting us worthy to stand in your presence and serve you"

Whenever I hear that I shudder and wonder whatever happened to "nobis quoque peccatoribus". Thankfully, I haven't had to suffer that since last September, and I hope and pray that "nobis quoque peccatoribus" is on its way back good and proper.

Keep up the good work.