Sunday, May 6, 2007

Just filled the dishwasher for the second time - the Bishop, Chancellor and the Vicar General stayed for Chinese food after the First Holy Communion Mass. Our Bishop is a hot food person, hot as in 'spicy!" He pours vast amounts of pepper on his "General Tso's beef". The Vicar General prefers a double helping of walnut brownies - the Chancellor doesn't believe in eating. Communion went well, one boy had been drilled so well about genuflecting when leaving the pew that he performed a double genuflection and seemed to be intent on coming towards the Bishop on his knees. Next stop - Confirmation on Tuesday - we do it on a deanery basis here, so we go to the parish about 25 minutes away. One interesting part of the discussion over the Chinese munchies - how everyone seems to like the ghastly old English comedies they still show on public television over here. Bishop, Chancellor and VG all giggling away as they discuss Mrs. Slocombe from 'Are You Being Served!" Quite extraordinary. Tomorrow I have a priests Personnel meeting in Burlington, then I'm going up even further North than my own parish to have my night off with our Limoncello producing priest. If this blog develops a bibulous feel, so be it. Fr. Dan of Barton produces his own 'Villa Daniel' limoncello. He has also made the orange version, and a grapefruit version, which didn't go down too well. I'm trying to persuade him to make a lime version. Tomorrow evening we must test, purely for quality control purposes, his lemon/orange mix. Now I have to rush off and see the fantastic BBC version of 'Bleak House' which is also on PBS - it's the best thing since sliced bread.


ali said...

Padre! welcome to the blogosphere! its always great to read the comings and goings of priests :D

Remember us in Mass!

Coffee Wife said...

It sounds like you are never bored!