Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Preaching Day

Father Dwight Longenecker, of Standing on My Head fame, arrived in Vermont on a beautiful sunny day. Before we headed up North to Little Siberia, I showed him the sights of the 'big city' of Burlington. He was particularly struck by the artistic beauty and liturgically helpful interior of the Cathedral, dedicated in 1977 (should give readers a clue!). As we drove up North, Fr. Dwight commented again and again how beautiful the countryside was. The grass is green, the sun was out - and with the leaves on the trees, you can begin to forget blizzards and snow drifts. He thought my little town was "sweet," an English word one doesn't often hear used in these parts, except when referring to Maple Walnut pie. It was great fun to chat about all things English - dull hierarchy, great history, the English Martyrs, the future. As seen in the previous blog, he gave me some much needed assistance and then we repaired to the porch for a limoncello session, during which most of the rest of the problems of the Church and the World were put to rights. Wednesday turned out to be another nice day, as we drove to Barre, the "granite capital of the world," a two hour drive from my parish, for the talks. Having been the Director of Continuing Education for the Clergy for three years, I can say that this was definitely one of our more successful days. A good turnout of priests and deacons, although I hate to say it - some who needed it most were not there - however - good talks, humour, good questions from the troops. Altogether a good experience - and now I have an invitation to visit 'down South.'

As we chatted last night, Belloc, Chesterton, Robert Hugh Benson and Ronnie Knox were all welcome guests - so - with my new found skills - picture of my personal fave - 'Old Thunder.'

p.s. - Joseph Pearce was also a welcome guest ( not physically) during our chats.


Ttony said...

So that's what Fr Dwight looked like before he lost his hair andd became a Catholic priest!

the owl of the remove said...

That's funny!

Jeffrey Smith said...

Hmm, St. Jose Maria and the Battle of Lepanto. Keep blogging. You have potential.
Mischief managed on the meme, by the way. It was fun.